There is always an age old debate about which is best for us, which is the best quality and which has the best flavour. For most people it’s personal taste and for others they simply don’t know the difference.

Here are the facts –

Grass Fed
Grass Fed Beef is beef which has spent it’s life grazing on pastures and crops. It is seen as the natural way to feed your cattle. This doesn’t mean at some stage that the cattle hasn’t been supplementary fed though. Due to seasonal conditions sometimes farmers need to supplement the cattle’s diet with a range of feedstock such as hay or silage. Due to these seasonal changes there is often an inconsistency in the quality, tenderness and flavour of grass fed beef.

Grass fed beef has more flavour than Grain fed. The meat takes on the flavour of the grass that it has been grazing on. As they say, you are what you eat! Grass fed beef is NOT finished on grain. It spends its entire life in a grass fed system.

Grass Fed beef can also be classed as Free Range as it is not confined and rationed it’s food. Although most producers are not certified and therefore do not label their product accordingly.

Grain Fed
For Grain fed beef to be classed as grain fed it must have been finished in an accredited feed lot for a minimum of 60 days. These animals actually spend the majority of their lives in the Grass fed system before they are finished off in a feed lot on a grain based ration. Grain Fed Beef is a more consistent product than Grass Fed because seasonal conditions don’t affect the quality of the grain which they are provided.

Grain Fed Beef is often more tender than Grass Fed and contains a great deal more marbling. In saying this it does not have the flavour that Grass Fed beef has. Once again, you are what you eat!

Here at Deagon Bulk Meats we stock both Grass and Grain Fed Products to suit customer demand.
Our carton stock and ‘whole cut’ products that are pre packaged are mostly Grain Fed. These products are marked with the producers logo’s.
Our product stocked in our display cabinet is Grass Fed Beef as well as some products which are pre packaged in store. These are in clear bags with no producers logo’s.

If your unsure just ask! We are more than happy to help!Image