Grain Fed vs Grass Fed.



There is always an age old debate about which is best for us, which is the best quality and which has the best flavour. For most people it’s personal taste and for others they simply don’t know the difference.

Here are the facts –

Grass Fed
Grass Fed Beef is beef which has spent it’s life grazing on pastures and crops. It is seen as the natural way to feed your cattle. This doesn’t mean at some stage that the cattle hasn’t been supplementary fed though. Due to seasonal conditions sometimes farmers need to supplement the cattle’s diet with a range of feedstock such as hay or silage. Due to these seasonal changes there is often an inconsistency in the quality, tenderness and flavour of grass fed beef.

Grass fed beef has more flavour than Grain fed. The meat takes on the flavour of the grass that it has been grazing on. As they say, you are what you eat! Grass fed beef is NOT finished on grain. It spends its entire life in a grass fed system.

Grass Fed beef can also be classed as Free Range as it is not confined and rationed it’s food. Although most producers are not certified and therefore do not label their product accordingly.

Grain Fed
For Grain fed beef to be classed as grain fed it must have been finished in an accredited feed lot for a minimum of 60 days. These animals actually spend the majority of their lives in the Grass fed system before they are finished off in a feed lot on a grain based ration. Grain Fed Beef is a more consistent product than Grass Fed because seasonal conditions don’t affect the quality of the grain which they are provided.

Grain Fed Beef is often more tender than Grass Fed and contains a great deal more marbling. In saying this it does not have the flavour that Grass Fed beef has. Once again, you are what you eat!

Here at Deagon Bulk Meats we stock both Grass and Grain Fed Products to suit customer demand.
Our carton stock and ‘whole cut’ products that are pre packaged are mostly Grain Fed. These products are marked with the producers logo’s.
Our product stocked in our display cabinet is Grass Fed Beef as well as some products which are pre packaged in store. These are in clear bags with no producers logo’s.

If your unsure just ask! We are more than happy to help!Image

Manflu Chicken Soup by Vicki Noyce


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This soup is definitely a favourite this time of year and couldn’t be easier. There are many variations and you can adjust this soup to suit your family. One of our lovely customers Vicki has created this soup for you all after some advice from our butchers. Cure the man in your life from ManFlu with this recipe.

Disclaimer: This soup may or may not be effective in curing Manflu. Deagon Bulk Meats takes no responsibility for continually whiney men who think they are so sick that they may possibly die. If whinging persists feed more soup. If whinging still persist add large amounts of alcohol to the soup before serving. If whinging still persist please consult your doctor.


1 whole fresh chicken (skin removed if you don’t want any fat in your soup)
Chicken Stock
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 a Bunch Shallots (spring onions)
1/2 a Leek
2 carrots
fresh corn off the cob
any veg that you have in the fridge


1.Place whole chicken in a large pot along with chicken stock, salt, pepper, shallots and leek. Bring to the boil, reduce to a simmer and cook until the meat falls of the bone. This should take around 45mins – 1 hour on a medium heat.

2. Remove and discard chicken bones from your soup.

3. Add your vegetables. You can use anything you have in the fridge. Things like peas and beans should be added roughly 10 mins before your soup is ready.

4. Bring your soup back to the boil and simmer on a low heat until your ready to serve. At this stage you can place your soup in the slow cooker if you wish.

5. Serve to your sick partner and hope for the best.

Hints and Tips –

  • For chicken noodle soup, bring soup to the boil and add noodles 10 minutes before serving.
  • For sweet corn soup stir in a tin of sweet corn when you add your vegetables.
  • This soup can be put in the slow cooker and left to go all day on low. Yum!
  • It’s best to put a lid on your soup after you have discarded the bones. This stops you soup from reducing to much and loosing its volume.

Thank you to Vicki for sharing her recipe!

chicken soup

Herb and Nut Crusted Lamb Rack


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Lamb racks are definitely a luxury in our house. One rack feeds the two of us which means its around $8 for the meal. This isn’t all that expensive but I’m always looking for quick dinners that don’t need any fuss. This one is easy enough but has a fair few ingredients. I save this one for Sunday roast and treats. I can guarantee you’ll love this and you’ll get sick of your partner asking for you to cook it over and over.



1 whole lamb rack (normally 8 pins) cut in half

1 tbsp finely chopped parsley

2 tbsp crushed nuts, I used peanuts because that’s what I had in the cupboard.

3 tbsp breadcrumbs (you can use gf or normal)

1 tbsp Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil

1tbsp honey


1. Preheat oven to 180c. Combine all ingredients except lamb and honey in a bowl. Add a little olive oil to combine mixture

2. Season your lamb racks and sear on both sides in a pan.


3. Place on an oven tray and paint the top of your lamb rack with honey. Put crumb mixture on your lamb and press down firmly so it sticks.


4. Place lamb in oven and cook for approximately 20mins. Cook for an extra 10mins if you like your lamb well done.


This recipe is fairly simple the most of the recipe is cooking time. I serve my lamb rack with potato rosti and steamed vegetables. 


Sausage thing a ma jig


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Today’s lunch for our very hard working butchers was this sausage thing a ma jig. 
I don’t really know what to call it as it’s just a bit of what you’ve got thrown in the pan together served with crusty bread. It always tastes great and you can use anything and everything!


9 Pork Sausages

2 Bacon Rasher, finely sliced

1 Chorizo sausage, cut on the angle

1 small brown onion, diced

12 button mushrooms, quatered

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 tin of tomatoes

 4 eggs



1. Fry sausages until almost cooked through. Chop into 1 inch pieces.

2. Move to one side in pan. Add a little oil and fry onion, garlic and bacon as well as the chorizo. When onion starts to turn opaque add the mushrooms and the tin of tomatoes and stir everything together.

3. Cook for approximately 10 mins on a medium heat until everything is cooked through.

4. Make small holes in the mixture and crack one egg into each hole.

5. Cover with lid and cook until eggs are cooked through. Serve


Hints and Tips – 

– Add some fresh parsley to freshen it up a little or serve with a nice summer salad.

– You can make this in an oven dish and put it in the oven after step 4.

– Add any veg you like just be aware of how long your veg will take to cook. Eg. potatoes take longer to cook than beans so you would add these in the early stages.

– Use any sausage you like and emit the chorizo if you don’t have any.




Beef noodle soup with homemade stock


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We’re always asked in store about how to makbe soup and what to ustoto make soup. It’s alot simpler than most people think. instead of using stock from the supermarket why it make your own to use as the base for this beef noodle soup?


Ingredients: stock

1kg beef soup bones (neck bones)

1 carrot roughly chopped

1 onion roughly chopped

1 celery stick roughly chopped

6 peppercorns

2 bay leaves

parsley stalk

Ingredients: soup

1 400g piece of rump, finely sliced

1/2 carrot sliced finely

1/2 onion finely sliced

1/2 capsicum finely sliced

1 small handful of fresh beans

3 tbs soy sauce

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 pack rice noodles


Method: stock

1. Roast bones for 30 minutes in the oven. This adds flavour to your stock.

2. Combine all ingredients in a stock pot, cover with water and bring to the boil.

3. Simmer for 1.5 – 2 hrs.

Method: soup

1. Put 3 cups stock in a saucepan along with vegetables. Bring to a simmer.

2. Add soy and brown sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved.

3. Prepare rice noodles according to packet instructions.

4. Place noodles amongst bowls. Place raw beef on noodles.

5. Ladle soup mixture over beef. Your beef will cook as you do this.


Hints and Tips –

  • You can use your slow cooker to make the stock. Use the high setting and leave on all day.
  • You can use whatever vegetables you please.
  • The beef doesn’t need pre cooking. It will cook perfectly in your soup.



Make it go further


Many of us are on pretty tight budget these days. Everything is getting more and more expensive by the day. Re purposing left overs is a great way to make your meat go further but it’s not the only way. Here are a few tips and some examples of what I do at home.

  • Buy in bulk. Your guaranteed to save. In our shop it’s always cheaper to buy 2+kgs of something. If we buy bulk from our supplier he gives us a discount and we then pass that on to you.
  • Get involved with our loyalty card program. Who doesn’t love being rewarded just for doing the weekly grocery shopping? Free meat never goes astray.
  • After you’ve done your meat shop portion your meals. Do it as soon as you get home otherwise you get side tracked and never get around to it. Freezing your meat without portioning is never a good idea. We all have the same idea of just using it two nights in a row but how often does that actually happen?
  • Control your portion sizes. Allow approximately 250g of meat per person when serving steak or chops. When using mince you can bulk it out and use as little as 100g – 150g per person. Add a can or refried beans to your spaghetti to bulk it out, the kid will never even know!
  • Chicken pricing is on an upward spiral due to a national shortage. Who can honestly say they don’t like chicken? I love it! What would you say if I told you that you can get 4 meals for 2 people out of 2 medium breasts? How you ask? I’ll show you.1. Remove the tenderloin and put aside.
    2. Split the breast in half lengthways. You know have two tenderloins and 4 pieces of fillet breast.
    3. Trim the side of 4 fillets taking approximately 2 cms off each side So that the fillet is just smaller than your palm.
    4. 2 of the fillets I make into schnitzels and freeze flat in a zip lock bag. The other two I marinate for chicken steaks or use for a burger night. With the tenderloins and the strips you trimmed off the sides, dice them and these can be used for stroganoff, curry, stir fry etc. I get two meals out of the diced breast.
    – That’s $7.50 worth of breast and covers 4 meals. 93c each for dinner? Bargain!
  • Do the same with your rump steak. A healthy portion of meat is the size of your palm.  Each time your trim your steak you might not get enough for a meal. Save it up in the freezer over a couple of weeks. That’s a free dinner using steak that you may not have eaten and put in the bin or fed to the dog.
  • Remember when making curry or stir fry you only need about 2/3 of the quantity of meat you would normally serve. The rest is made up with vegetables and rice or pasta.
  • Potato is a great way to make your meals go further, I use potato in absolutely everything! Cubed potato in curry, stew, casserole, stir-fry, Samosas. You can add it to almost anything!
  • Smaller dinner plates! Most of us tend to suffer from a condition called ‘eyes bigger than belly’. Serving a small meal on a huge plate will make you feel like you’ve missed out and leave you wanting more. Most of us don’t need to eat a huge dinner plate full to the brim but if it’s there we will over eat and just fit it in. This is common for kids!

Follow some of these tips and you might find that your treating yourself to lamb cutlets or something super yummy that you might not otherwise be able to afford.

Thai Red Curry with Lamb


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This curry is something that I make regularly to use up leftovers. In this recipe I’ve used lamb but you could you any cut of meat. It’s extremely versatile and can me made as simple or as complex as you please.

Because there is only two in our house sometimes it easier and cheaper to use store bought curry paste. Make sure you buy a really good quality paste if you are using store
bought. Just beware of the heat in some of the tinned pastes. If your not careful it will blow your head off!

Alternatively you can make the paste yourself using this recipe and freeze it into portions. Make enough to do half a dozen curries and it’s there whenever you need it.


approx 500gs of meat of your choice.

1tsp oil

1 onion, sliced

250g of fresh vegetables of your choice. things like beans, carrot, peas go well.

300mls of coconut milk. more or less depending on how saucy you like your curry

1. In a wok or pan heat oil and fry onion until it softens slightly. Add curry paste and cook for approximately 2-3 mins, stirring to ensure it doesn’t catch.

2. At this stage add your meat. If your using fresh meat, fry it for 2-3 mins until sealed. Add your vegetables and cook for a further 2 mins.

3. Add coconut milk and stir until combined. Reduce heat to low and simmer for approx 15 mins.

4. Serve with rice.

Hints and Tips –

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can add bamboo shoots, chestnuts all kinds of things.
  • You can use fresh meat or leftovers. Just remember if using leftovers that the meat doesn’t need to be fried. Put it in with the veg and add the coconut milk straight away.
  • You can substitute Green or massaman curry paste.
  • To bulk out your curry you can also add cubed potato. Add this at the same time as the rest of the veg.


Greek Style Lamb Roast & Yoghurt Dressing


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This is a recipe which I use often for Sunday Roast. It’s super yummy and the flavours are subtle enough that I can turn the left overs into a thai curry. You can use this recipe to marinate chops as well. For me the recipe changes each and every time depending on what’s in the fridge.

Ingredients :

1 leg of lamb, bone in or boneless either is fine.

2 tablespoons of garlic, this sounds like a lot but you will need it all

2 sprigs of thyme

1 tsp of oregano

Zest of 1 lemon

juice of 2 lemons

1 cup chicken stock or water (more if needed)


olive oil


1. Combine garlic, zest, juice and herbs in a large bowl. Add your joint of meat and coat. Leave to marinate for around an hour.

2. Preheat oven to 150c

3. Place in a roasting pan, season with salt and drizzle with a little olive oil. Put 1 cup of chicken stock or water in the bottom to prevent drying out.

4. Roast for approximately 3 1/2 hours basting half way through with left over marinade.


Some people love lamb fat. Personally I think it’s disgusting! It’s more greasy than other meats and makes me feel ill. For this reason I never make gravy from the pan. Instead I make a yoghurt dressing. It’s simple stuff and goes great with this recipe. Ill put that recipe in the bottom of this post.

Hints and Tips –

– With an hour to go add roast vegetables of your choice.

– If using chops instead of a roast grill on a medium heat for approximately 5 minutes on each side.

– You can omit one of the herbs if you don’t have it, I didn’t use oregano this time because I’d run out.

Yoghurt Dressing

For a quick dinner I don’t bother with draining the yoghurt and all that fancy stuff. I can guarantee it’ll taste just as great. If I’m running low on yogurt I often do half half with sour cream and that’s a great combination to.


1 cup natural yoghurt

1 small garlic clove, crushed

juice of half a lemon

Small handful of dill or mint (or a mixture of both)

pinch of salt


1. Combine ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Use more or less lemon juice to your taste. Serve with your chops or roast.

Manuka Honey – Coming Soon


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Manuka Honey is produced by bees which feed off of the Manuka and Tea Tree throughout Australia and New Zealand.
It has a higher viscosity than other honeys and is characterised by its dark cream to dark brown colour.
Research has shown that Manuka Honey has a remarkably high level of anti bacterial properties. It has been clinically tested to be helpful on wounds, skin conditions and stomach ulcers. It is also said to have anti inflammatory properties and is though to be of help to arthritis sufferers.

Deagon Bulk Meats has sourced local Manuka Honey and it will be in store in the coming week. It is produced by the same supplier as the Raw Organic Yellow Box Honey that we currently stock.


Asian Style Pork Fillet


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Pork fillet is not an awfully popular cut of meat. It’s very lean and can dry out extremely quickly. It is also one of the most expensive cuts of pork. In saying that you don’t need a great deal to feed the family, it’s boneless so there’s no waste. This recipe is an Asian style marinade that will make it a little more interesting.

You can use this recipe to make stir fry or an Asian salad, serve it with home made fried rice and steamed veggies. There’s an endless number of things you can use it for. It’s lean and healthy.


2 whole pork fillets

4 tbsp honey

6 tbsp soy sauce

1tsp minced garlic

1/2 tsp ginger

1 tsp Chinese five spice


4 drops of sesame oil


1. Combine all ingredients except pork fillet In a bowl, stir well. Reserve half of this mixture for use later on.

2. Place pork fillet in the bowl with the remaining marinade. Cover and place in the fridge for at  least 30 mins. You can marinade overnight for a stronger flavour but I find 30 minutes is sufficient.


3. Preheat oven to 180c. Place pork on a tray and roast for approximately 15 mins. In the mean time take the reserved marinade and reduce on a low heat to use as a sauce.

4. Remove pork from the oven and place in a griddle pan cooking for 2 minutes on each side. Your looking for that charcoal flavour.


5. Slice and serve as required. Use the marinade you reduced as the sauce in your stir fry or over your sliced meat. I use the marinade over steamed bok choy. Delicious!

If you don’t want the sauce simply halve the marinade recipe.